Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring and New Paintings

Well, the warm weather seems to have arrived with a vengeance. I checked outside and it's 95 degrees. In Iowa. In April. Global warming? Or Satan? You be the judge.
I've been somewhat derelict in posting new work. My only excuse is that I've been quite busy these last weeks and haven't taken the time. During late March and early April there were several sitters in the studio. To the right is my friend David, a professor of biochemistry and nutrition. I've been working to complete his portrait before the end of the month, but alas, that clearly isn't going to happen. He's a very good sitter and great fun to have in the studio.

Besides David's portrait (which is 16x12 on panel, by the way) here is the other portrait I've been working on during April. This one is to be a gift to the sitter's husband when it's complete. Like the portrait of David, it is 16x12 on panel. And as you can see, this one is closer to completion, but still several tweaks and adjustments remain. I did give her an opportunity to look at this nearly-complete work and she was delighted. So as soon as I do some more work on it and make a final photograph, this one will be delivered.

Also this month I'm going to be initiating a series of still life paintings using various objects. I would imagine that I'll
make the paintings relatively small, probably about the same
size as these two portraits.
There will also be at least three other portraits in progress during the coming summer, and I expect I'll post one or two photos of those some time in May or June.
Oh, and about those cats. The painting is progressing slowly but reasonably well. I'm relatively satisfied with the composition and the cat's owner likes the colors and the progress so far. In the next few days I'll post a pic of the work as it now stands. Much to do on that one.