Monday, February 23, 2009

Rainy Day

I did this one alla prima from imagination, based on several ideas I've been kicking around. It's 20x16 on a hardboard panel. What I mainly tried to do was boil the image down into nothing but the essentials. The panel was primed with a mid-value gray and the painting was made with only raw umber and flake white except for a touch here and there of a dulled mix of pale yellow ochre/cad red. The title is "Goodbye..."

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More Drawings

Here are a couple of other drawings I just ran across in reorganizing my files. This one is a graphite sketch of a pickup truck I owned years ago. I did this one in preparation for a painting that never materialized. It's a 1950-model Ford F-1. I loved the rounded contours and relatively narrow cab and exaggerated them for the image.

The other drawing is a quick sketch of Stewart, a man I knew years ago. He was in his late 90s at the time, having lived a very full life. He would have a good breakfast and then spend a half hour sitting in the sun, smoking his only cigar of the day. Although he looks pretty sour in the drawing, he was a lovely and courtly man and great fun to talk to. I spent several mornings with him on his front porch, sketching. He had a philosophic view of life (as who wouldn't if he lived that long) and its trials but seemed mostly amused by the whole thing.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Drawing in the Airport

I've been reorganizing my files these past few days and discovered a few old drawings. In the same way as many artists, I find that airport waiting areas are a fertile place for an artist equipped with a sketchbook. I've spent many happy hours in various airports, sketching instead of fuming. This one was done a few years back when I was delayed in St. Louis.

Sketching in airports, like painting outdoors, brings the curious onlooker and the occasional admirer. I usually give the drawing to the subject, if they're not rushing onto an airplane.