Monday, June 25, 2007

Virginia Art Festival

I spent a good part of last week in Clifton Forge, Virginia, showing at an outdoor art and crafts festival. Called "Magic in the Mountains," the festival featured mostly local artisans and musicians. Clifton Forge is situated in the mountains of southwestern Virginia and is literally surrounded by beauty. This is a snapshot I took from one of the higher parts of town. The mountains seem to go on and on in the distance. And you can see the big Chesapeake and Ohio railyard in the center, rear.

The show was held on one of the main streets in the town, one side of which was cordoned off for the booths. Mine is in the photo. Anyway, the other side was busy all day with auto traffic. Other exhibitors I talked to thought that it would be a problem, but in the end I think the auto traffic added to festival attendance. Somebody who hadn't heard about it may have come through, seen the booths and decided to stop.

I sold a few paintings and managed to secure a couple of commissions, too. More on the commissions after the details are nailed down.

Overall, it was a great trip, a successful show, and some real fun seeing old friends again. We're going back.

Finally Finished

Here are the final versions of the two portraits I posted a couple of months ago. Both are 20x16 on panel. The portrait of Linda was done in three life sessions plus a couple of sessions based on studio photos. She was a real pleasure as a sitter, showing great good humor. She gave this to her husband, who I'm told was delighted--a great compliment for a painter.

The other (below) is of my friend David that I posted here earlier this spring in an intermediate state. He's a professor of biochemistry and nutrition. We spent three really delightful sessions discussing everything from global warming to English and American politics. Originally from London, he's a great conversationalist and friend.