Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Study

One of my favorite illustrators is Joseph Leyendecker. His works of the early 20th century have amazing energy and impeccable draftsmanship. I took one of his advertising images, done for a breakfast cereal company, copied and transformed it. Leyendecker's original shows a thinner kid. And his colors are brighter than these. But the essentials of a kid with a napkin tied around his neck, loving whatever he's slurping from that huge spoon, were well worth keeping. This one is 12x12 on panel and will be in the show this month, too.


Preparing for a show this month, I've been doing more monochromatic paintings. This one, like the others, is based very loosely on an image I found somewhere. Juxtaposing a bright yellow against the (nearly) monochromatic background wasn't really a conscious decision. In many photos every object has a distinct color--often a Kodachrome-like saturation--but even the yellow here is dulled. This one is 11x14 on panel.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Work

These last weeks, while I haven't been posting here I've definitely been working. The end of this month (June) I'll be exhibiting new paintings at "The Other Art Show" in Des Moines. The show is actually part of an arts weekend in central Iowa. There is the Des Moines Arts Festival, held in the downtown area, outdoors, which supports the Art Center, among other things, and the "Salon des Refusees" aka The Other Art Show, held at the state fairgrounds, indoors. Personally, in July in Iowa I'll take indoors every time.

Here are a few of the works that will probably be shown. They represent a different direction, I think, being rather dark and almost monochromatic, but they're in line with the one I posted earlier this year, "Goodbye." Both oi these works are 12x12, oil on panel.