Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Whitaker Workshop #13

Day 4 of the workshop. We begin as always with a continuation of Bill's demonstration painting of Alexandra.

In part because so many demonstrations seem to show how to begin but do not show how to finish, he continues this through the entire week. You can go as far as you like, he says, finding and correcting detail after detail. If you're the kind of painter who enjoys a more highly polished work, this is invaluable assistance.

Today he spent extra time on the background and also on edges. Making some edges harder and others much softer by painting background colors closer and closer helps. At this point, working on the facial details requires using smaller brushes, especially sables. With the background, he advocated using a black glaze to push it farther away then working paint back into the wet glaze to create a more lively effect.

As he did each day, Bill spoke while painting. A few things he suggested that we remember:

  • Always set up a "home position" for observing and painting.
  • Work standing. There is no better way. It is vital that you move.
  • Never stop correcting the form.
  • Use the lightest touch possible with your brush. You can layer wet into wet that way.
  • If you make a mark, you have something to correct.

Today, small details are starting to come into focus on the painting.

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