Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Garin Baker

Garin Baker, a friend and fellow artist who lives in the Hudson Valley, has a new website. Garin was born and grew up in New York City but has lived on the Hudson about 60 miles north for over two decades. He is a contemporary realist painter whose work includes public art, portraiture, landscapes and other works. He has settled into New Windsor not far from the river in an 18th century Dutch house with a detached carriage house. Over the years and with the help of a gifted French carpenter, Garin has transformed the carriage house into The Carriage House Art Studios, combining gallery space, a gigantic personal studio, and his office.

Since its inception the Carriage House has hosted workshops that have brought participants from all over the United States. Teaching artists at The Carriage House Studios have included not only Garin himself but well-known visiting professionals like Max Ginsburg, an old friend and teacher of Garin's from when he attended art high school in Manhattan.

Besides teaching, Garin keeps up a busy schedule that includes painting giant murals for cities all over--Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and even Joplin Missouri. His work is widely collected.
"Fire Break" (LA County Fire Dept Mural) in the studio
"Fire Break," Garin Baker, 2012
So take a look at his sites (linked below) for a visual treat.

Garin Baker's Carriage House
Garin Baker's new website
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