Friday, June 10, 2016

Windowsill Works 4

These are three quick morning studies of a frilled bud vase that I keep around the studio. I did each of these on successive mornings around 7 to 8 a.m., although the blue vase does look as if it was done at twilight. As is the case with nearly all of these morning warm-up sketches, I was interested in a specific idea about composition with each, as well as working on technique. In each of these I tried very hard to make a single stroke and leave it alone, not making two when one would do and trying therefore to look closely before applying paint. Such careful consideration and observation is essential, at least for me.

It's interesting to use the same subject for a series, as anybody who enjoys Monet can attest. Using the same subject frees you from worrying too much about drawing and allows more time on light, color, reflections and refractions of light. I also limited my palette in each of these, so they don't necessarily represent the precise light or colors that were actually present, although they're
intended to show specific times of day and different lighting. Besides premier coup and limited palette, these sketches required believable rendering of clear glass, which I find challenging. So I particularly enjoyed painting how the light was bent in the solid glass bottom of the vase.

These are all about 6x8 on gessoed hardboard.

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