Friday, June 23, 2017

Doodles of the Day

Last week I posted some digital drawings--doodles really--done during morning warmups. These are quick, simple to do with Sketchbook and a pressure-sensitive Wacom Cintiq tablet. The pressure sensitivity allows the artist to vary line weight and thickness or provide very very soft edges, and so on, with the added usefulness of a Undo button.

This month's morning drawing practice has been focused on the central face, and on expressions. The one below resulted from an image of an elderly lady who seemed irritated. I didn't read the accompanying story, preferring to think about the woman herself and study values and anatomy.

The face below belongs to a Chinese internet billionaire who made the news recently. His unusual facial structure provided the impetus for this sketch.
In the case of this final sketch of a male fashion mannequin, what I saw was defiance and an almost hostile expression. The hair was interesting, too.

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