Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Studio 405 Again

More on Studio 405. These past few days have been moving days, setting up work tables, easels, storage, desk and chair, drawing table and all the electrical and mechanical "stuff" that goes into an art studio. The studio is light-filled and spacious, the walls reflecting a lot of the northeast light. Here are a couple of pictures of the space, probably as neatly organized as it will ever be. 

The floor is smoothed concrete, the pattern probably represented where an elevated floor was placed, since the space was previously occupied by a telephone company's mainframe computers and other equipment. It looks a little like a kind of patterned effect, but it seems accidental. This image is from the windows toward the door. A couple of portable panels have the door blocked.

This image is from the doorway toward the windows, showing worktables and an old carpet put down to save my feet from standing on the hard floor constantly. My drawing setup is to the left. A careful look at the walls shows one of the winter paintings posted last week during a really sizzling few days.

As the studio evolves, there will be more to post, particularly when teaching starts.
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