Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Texaco Star

In a post not long ago I extolled the beauties of old pickup trucks. In particular I love those old trucks of the 1950s with their curves and chrome. A vintage car dealership downtown has had this beauty on display for several weeks, giving me time to study it in watercolor.

This model is a mid-1950s Ford truck that has been lovingly restored. The doors sport a Texaco logo ("the big, bright Texaco star!") and the fenders advise that 24 hour service is available. The red and white paint shines and the white walls are spotless.

Situated along a busy downtown street, the dealership always turns heads with such displays and makes me stop and sketch. For this image I drew the truck in a fair amount of detail using an HB pencil, trying very hard to make accurate measurements. Once I had a good image I used a flexible nib pen to ink the major outline and intersections, taking care with correct proportions and sizes. Time didn't permit completing the painting on site, so I made several reference snapshots and finished the colors in the studio.
Old Pickup Trucks

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