Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Happy Christmas

A Happy Christmas. In the runup to the holiday, many news outlets have carried a photo taken from lunar orbit on Christmas Eve.

It is a half-century since Americans orbited the Moon on Christmas Eve, broadcasting the image of our big blue marble rising over the gray, empty lunar surface. And there it was: the only place in the unknowable infinity of the cosmos that we can call home. The place of life, bright and hospitable.

That image stays with so many whom I hope remember and are moved once again; it was watched by about a billion people, live from space. The largest audience ever. The astronauts read the first few lines of the book of Genesis, from the Judeo-Christian tradition. Turn off the sound if you choose. For me it is the images that are most moving and thought-provoking anyway. What will happen to our "good Earth"?

Happy Holidays to all.

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