Sunday, January 22, 2006

Much to do this morning. I spent yesterday on two new works--one is Lilly in the surf and the other is a view of the Santorini caldera from the top of one of the villages there. But what I really must do is photograph current and recent work. I did set up the tripod but not the lights because my room is so limited. In the end, I gathered a bunch of 6x8 paintings for the shoot but wasn't happy with the way the first ones came out (I use a Canon Eos digital) and really I need better lighting. Maybe I'll get some done today, since I can't really update this journal and the website without them...

I finally figured out how to post links in the sidebar column. HTML is not my forte, obviously. I put in a link to my web gallery, the Cennini forum, the Online Artists Guild, and a couple of others. For anybody interested in the technical aspects of painting, Cennini is a great place to learn. The Online Artists is an artist-owned site that markets members' works, including mine. Stop in an take a look.
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