Sunday, April 09, 2006


Remodelling in the studio continues...

Most of my equipment is either in boxes or other useless places owing to remodelling of the studio. About the only thing anyone can do is continue to produce whatever work one can in the midst of chaos. I know that some painters--Francis Bacon comes to mind--had studios that resembled a trash heap instead of a work space, but not me. My studio is often cluttered, but like so many people I know where everything is in the midst of the detritus and so having it all boxed up and in adjoining rooms or in unusual locations is a significant trial for me.

The builders have added two more windows (and two more to come) and an exterior door to the studio. Coming next is demolition of the wall between the studio and an adjoining bedroom plus a new wall between the studio and a sitting room. That wall will have shelving on each side with a pocket door between them to close the studio off completely. The added space plus new paint (probably "Leffel green") and a new floor surface promises to make the remodelling very much worth it.

Now if it was just finished, I'd be a happy painter.
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