Friday, March 25, 2016

Pages from a sketchbook

A few days ago while rearranging and consolidating files these sketchbook pages came to light. The first is a page of drawings of couples that I did to study walking and the interpersonal postures. You can tell a lot by watching body language, which is part of what these drawings were about. Cityscapes and street scenes are fascinating to me, especially when there are figures in action in a specific setting--people
on a Paris street, for example, or walking in almost any American city.

This first page shows a few couples, mostly cribbed from advertisements or online sources, but significantly modified. In particular, these are aimed at romantic involvement, the entrancement, more or less, between two people. This is graphite on toned paper, about 8x10.
The drawing below is one of several on the page (this one is about a quarter page) but the only one devoted to the same subject as the study above. It's an invented scene of a couple in a rain storm.

The main medium is graphite, with white charcoal highlights. The city is New York, but I invented the couple. This drawing is around 4x5, on grey-toned paper.

I still like the concept of the man looking back at us while the woman with her mass of dark hair doesn't notice. Perhaps one of these days it will turn into a painting.

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