Friday, March 18, 2016

Windowsill Works 2

I posted a few of these Windowsill Works a month or so ago. They're the result of a period of daily painting and practice a couple of years back. My purpose was to work hard on observation, spending more time looking than painting, and then laying down the right color and value in the fewest strokes possible. It's not easy to do all of those things, every time, at least it wasn't for me. These are all 6x8 on gessoed hardboard.
The first is a setup that I put into a three-sided still life box I painted matte black on the inside. I illuminated the box from my studio window (indirect northern light). I sat the small empty wine glass and the bottle on a blue-white cloth. This exercise took about 30-45 minutes and I tried to spend a lot of that time looking and not so much putting down paint. In some places you can see deliberate, long strokes, particularly in the background. Now that I look at it again, I see some fussiness here and there, but mostly this one is true to the purpose of my exercise.

2-5-2012 #2
This is the same setup from a slightly different viewing station--same time of day and lighting. In this case my brushwork looks more strained and uncertain, it seems to me now, and my drawing of the bottle and the glass are both a bit off, if  not jarringly so. In general, this one seems less well-done (read: less thought-out) than the first one, though it was still a useful attempt.

Look for more Windowsill Works in future posts. I've added a link to the original, below.
Windowsill Works
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