Friday, July 29, 2016

Pete the Street

Outdoor painting--"en "plein air" if you happen to be French--has gained considerable momentum in recent decades. Like their predecessors, painters flock to the countryside and city streets to capture the fleeting light and transient landscape.

An artist I admire these days is an English painter I came across online, Peter Brown, a.k.a. "Pete the Street," as he is known at home in Bath, England. Brown paints practically every day, in all seasons and all weathers. No fair weather painter, Pete the Street. His works may feature rain, snow, overcast skies, or bright sunny meadows as a consequence. He travels all over the United Kingdom from Bath and to other places as well, painting cityscapes and landscapes in cities as diverse as London, Edinburgh, Paris, Bath, Varanasi and Barcelona. In all, his website offers paintings executed in at least a dozen cities in various countries.

Although he is primarily an outdoor painter, his site does list an occasional interior view or other works. Besides his outdoor habit, Brown is incredibly prolific, with dozens of works listed on his website as either already sold or still available. Over the past 15 years he's had at least one show annually, in Britain. I find his work his fresh, vivid, and engaging. I like it a lot. Here are a handful of examples.

"Piccadilly Circus, Toward Shaftesbury Avenue," 2014

"Observatory Hill, Greenwich," 2013

"Coyde Bay, Low Tide and Moving Weather," 2012

"End of the Day of the Pageant," 2012

"Rain, Lower Regency Street," 2012

Pete the Street in All Weathers
Interview of Peter Brown by Lisa Takahashi
Peter Brown website
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