Friday, July 22, 2016

Watercolor Postcards

One of the things I often do when traveling is carry along a deck of postcards made of heavy watercolor paper. I use them to do pen and wash pictures of various portions of the trip, write a few words of greeting on the other side and drop them in the mail. My family and friends love to get a painting from somewhere like France, complete with foreign stamps. At first the idea was simply a way to keep working while away from the studio, but I find that it's also invigorating and challenging, especially if time is limited, as it sometimes is during a "leisurely" vacation. Another nice thing is that you don't have to take much along--a small set of pan watercolors, waterproof pen, and a block of watercolor postcards doesn't take much space. And these little paintings provide a dose of discipline. That is, they're a chance to quicken my pace, choose emphasis carefully, and (I hope) economize with the brush.

A few of these I did on the spot, but often made only the drawing (or part of one) and a reference photo as time permitted, then finished them later when I was able.

Here are a few.
Arch of Tiberius, Pompeii, 2001

Pantheon Afternoon, Rome, 2001
Rainy Day, Passau (Germany), 2013
Street in Buda (Hungary), 2013
Paris Streetlamps, 2012

Avignon from the Rhone, 2012
The Chain Bridge, Budapest, 2013

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