Sunday, February 05, 2006

A busy week is finally over. I spent quite a lot of time on several works; one of Lilly in the surf (oil, 20x16), two or three small sketches of Greek island landscapes, and a couple of small portrait sketches.

Priority for today is to photograph as much art as I can. There will be some photos posted by Monday evening, I hope. Most will be part of the Diner series I've painted off and on for the past year or so.

Studio remodelling rapidly approaches, which means that I'll be considerably busy moving out and cleaning so the workmen can come in. After that I'll be very limited in terms of space--no studio, no place else to set up an easel--so I suspect my output will be reduced for a month or so. That's likely to cut into inventory for the summer season unless I can set up elsewhere.

Only a few weeks until I travel to Phoenix for a workshop with my friend William Whitaker. Stay tuned for more detail.
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