Saturday, February 18, 2006

Very cold this morning--4 below zero when I got up--but bright and clear.

I've been working only sporadically the past few days. I'm going to post two or three small still life pictures this weekend. Today I'll spend on a full-size portrait of a little girl and work to photograph some more paintings for the website. I may get to a couple of new studies I have in mind, but time will tell since I also have to begin winnowing through the studio for packing and moving. The remodellers will be working outside for a few more weeks, but soon I'll have to move the studio so they can knock out walls and remake floors and windows. The only saving grace for all of that is that the studio will have more useable space. And there's no way to remodel around me. It simply wouldn't work.

I'm also posting a few still life sketches today. These aren't part of the diner paintings but simply works that I've explored for one reason or another these past few weeks.
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