Sunday, February 12, 2006

Colder these past few days, with minor snow flurries. Nothing to cover the frozen ground, scoured by the north winds.

Luckily, it was warm in the studio today. I spent a lot of time on a portrait of a six year-old girl. It's intended as a sample of a child portrait. I plan on doing another of a boy and then work on samples of young men and women to populate a new portfolio. The current one I'm painting by using color notes from life as well as references. Ideally, portraits are painted from life. Unfortunately, in the real world, photos are critical for completion. Thank goodness for digital photography and manipulation. It makes references much easier to use. I've been taking progress photos of the current work; maybe I'll post them somewhere.

I'm also going to look hard at putting together some larger paintings of the island of Santorini or perhaps Mykonos. I've a large file of photo references and sketches I made a few years ago while we were there. More to sort through and process before I can start, though.

Soon comes studio inventory, packing, and moving. Blech.

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