Tuesday, January 01, 2019

A Look Back

The numbers on the calendar have changed. It's a time for retrospection and a time to change perspective. Most of us review the year, consider the future, make resolutions so it occurred to me to do the same. Here's a look back at the year just past on this blog for favorite images and posts. These are my favorites.

"An Old Roman (from a 100 CE portrait bust)" graphite
Sketches done from ancient Roman and Greek examples. A way to sharpen skills. Sketching From Ancient Art

Test driving the iPad Pro with several different digital drawing and painting programs. Digital Drawing on the iPad Pro

The beginning of a multi-post series of watercolors of Druid Hill Creek as spring overtakes the last of winter. Sketching Druid Hill Creek

"Druid Hill Creek 2-10-18" watercolor
Several sketches made with watercolor and digital programs. A Daily Doodle or Two

Sketches of animals in various media. Animals

Drawings of old pickup trucks, a favorite subject of mine. Old Pickup Trucks

A watercolor painting of an old pickup truck used as a service station truck. Painted with Texaco colors and logo. A Texaco Star

"World's Largest Agricultural Tires. Iowa State Fair 2018" watercolor
Much of the month was taken by several posts of on the spot watercolor/ink sketches done at the Iowa State Fair. The Iowa State Fair
Studies for possible future paintings. Studies for Tronies

About using the figure to depict emotion. Expressive Figures

Watercolor sketches made in Florida during late November. Sketches of Florida

Drawings done using the Sketchbook digital program and a Wacom tablet. Digital Drawings

Reviewing the work for the year and the ideas, events, and work behind it, the value has been clear to me.

Wishing you a happy and productive year.

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